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Jan 19th Occupy Harlem Emergency Demonstration – THE 99% MUST HOLD OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE! IF WE DON’T WHO WILL?

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Oppose Obama’s NDAA Police State & Resource Wars to Pillage the World

Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM
Where: Across the street from the Apollo Theater  253 West 125th Street
(Frederick Douglass Boulevard & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd)


On December 31, 2011 President Barack Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 The Act authorizes $662 billion in funding for “the defense of the United States and its interests abroad”. The bill grants power to the military to arrest U.S. citizens on American soil and detain them in military prisons indefinitely without right to legal counsel or even a trial. NDAA, a sweeping expansion of executive powers that goes far beyond the Bush administration. This law poses the greatest threat to “principles” of US democracy. Die heart Obama supporters bully, threaten and berate those who hold the President accountable for ANYTHING most of all his lies to and betrayal of the 99%!  The military industrial complex and Wall Street oligarchy owns lock, stock and barrel the US Presidency, Congress and both political parties, Democrat and Republican!  It’s not about the “lesser of two evils” but who is the more effective of the two evils! We have to ask ourselves, how do we hold any elected official accountable, most of all a President who has insisted the people hold him accountable!  Occupy Movements across the country are hitting the streets every day to confront and end the deadly reign of the 1%. Let’s us do our job on January 19th. History will absolve us!!

We, the 99%, must hold this White House accountable for its numerous crimes against the 99% at home and abroad: an economic depression caused by gangster banks that received a 16 trillion dollar bailout under Obama; endless illegal resource wars; “shock and awe” military aggression; free trade agreements that kill jobs; deportation of one million immigrants; violation of international laws and human rights; global military expansion to dominate the world; depraved indifference to Mother Earth and continuation of a racist drug war that has given rise to the new Jim Crow mass incarceration.

Bring your issues, signs, & fellow 99ers!

Directions: Take the A, B, C or D trains to 125th Street and walk east or take the 2 or 3 trains to 125th Street and walk west.

Additional Info: (718) 218-4523 Email: occupyharlemgeneralassembly@gmail.com Web:  http://tradejutice.net * https://harlemfightback.wordpress.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/#!/occupyharlemnow

Endorsers: Occupy Harlem, Harlem FightBack Against War at Home and Abroad, Black is Back Coalition, Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice, TradeJustice New York Metro, Occupy4Jobs, & Global Justice for Animals and the Environment.  Contact occupyharlemgeneralassembly@gmail.com or ows@tradejustice.net to have your organization added to this list!


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January 18, 2012 at 6:08 am

From Amsterdam News – OBAMA RETURNS

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OBAMA RETURNS – Harlem Gives President Mixed Reception

Amsterdam News Staff
Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011 12:04 AM EDT
After more than two years in office, the first president of African descent finally made his way to the historic cultural and intellectual center of Black America, Harlem.

And for many in the Harlem community, his visit was nothing short of a big letdown.

The president made two stops: at Harlem’s new “it” spot the Red Rooster (a restaurant), and at the always tony Studio Museum of Harlem (the place that is the beneficiary of a favorite charity soirée of the up-and-coming and arrived Black professional class of New York City).

But the DNC events in Harlem saw few Black professionals or members of the Harlem establishment at last night’s events. While Harlem’s Black politicos were well represented at the Studio Museum, and the president gave shout-outs to Rangel, Dinkins, Perkins, Wright and Dickens, a casual scan of the audience showed that between 80 and 85 percent of the audience was neither African-American nor Latino, the core of the Harlem community.

“I was thinking we would see more of the community and community leaders,” said State Sen. Bill Perkins. “These seem to be the early money people, the financial supporters,” he said.

Earlier in the evening some 50 people (one observer estimated there were four of five Black guests) forked over $30,800 apiece to attend the Democratic National Committee’s fundraiser at the Red Rooster. A block away, more than 200 demonstrators braved an icy windchill factor, many of them unemployed or barely earning in a year the amount requested for one night in Obama’s Harlem venture.

“War is real. This is our wakeup call,” charged longtime activist Nellie Bailey, who is steadfastly opposed to gentrification in Harlem and Obama’s intervention in Libya. “We want money—not for war, but for our children, our seniors here at home.”

Bailey cited that Obama had given $60 million to educator Geoffrey Canada to build a charter school in the middle of the St. Nicholas Houses as part of a $100 million development project. “Sixty million dollars when our public schools have no materials, no supplies,” she said.

“They have instituted a no-fly zone, but the [NATO coalition] continues to run interference for one side,” said Professor Bill Sales, referring to the military intervention in Libya that has nullified Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi’s warplanes and his air defense and severely hampered his ground forces. “And we know that NATO and the U.S. are inseparable.”

Dr. Sales said, “We must hold Obama accountable,” and this was the message he concluded with as he handed the bullhorn to City Councilman Charles Barron.

“Obama is wrong…U.S out of Libya,” Barron chanted, and the crowd joined him for several minutes as huge dumptrucks positioned themselves along 125th Street where vendors are normally stationed. “We did not elect Obama for him to bomb Africa. We elected him to stand up like a man against the forces of imperialism.”

Barron was also concerned about the rebels in Libya, mindful of the machinations of the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon and the CIA. “Even the African Union advised Obama to get out of Libya,” Barron continued. He was adamantly opposed to AFRICOM, which is essentially a combination of the CIA, the Defense Department and the Pentagon in Africa. On its website there is a plethora of information about Africa, particularly on Libya.

Willie Jones, who came all the way from Brooklyn to see what was happening, was also disappointed. “I think it’s an insult to our community and its people to have an event here and charge such a huge amount of money to attend. When is Obama going to walk the streets here and greet the people like he does at other places? It’s a shame, and that’s all I got to say.”

Jones’s friend, who didn’t want her name mentioned, agreed. “I do believe Barack has lost his mind,” she said, pulling Jones to move on.

Perkins put into context how many long-term community folks see both the Studio Museum and newcomer Red Rooster as venues. “These spaces are not exposed to the people of Harlem,” he said. “They are spooky for people concerned about gentrification,” he said.

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Video of ‘Hold Obama Accountable!’ Protest

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Obama Comes To Harlem

by Deedee Halleck


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Hold Obama Accountable Protest – Press Coverage

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Covered by DNAinfo.com via Huffington Post:

Obama’s New York City Visit Draws Praise, Protests

HARLEM — As President Barack Obama prepares to visit Harlem Tuesday night for a $30,000 per plate fundraiser, some are hailing the trip as another sign that the neighborhood has reached a tipping point in its renaissance while others see it as a chance to critique the president’s policies.

Obama will attend the small, six-table fundraiser at the Red Rooster Harlem, the restaurant owned by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson at Lenox Avenue between W. 125th and W. 126th streets. Afterward, Obama will attend an invitation only reception half an avenue away at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

“This is great for Harlem because it puts us on par with other places in Manhattan and around the country as a place where someone of that stature wants to make a statement,” said Nikoa Evans-Hendricks of N Boutique and a founder of Harlem Park to Park, a business alliance. “His visit speaks volumes to the fact that Harlem has the clientele and facilities to host a fundraiser of this magnitude.”

Thousands of people danced in the streets of Harlem when Obama was named the victor of the 2008 presidential election, but some disgruntled locals say they are planning a different reception this time around.

“There’s an obscenity about coming to Harlem where the annual median income is $25,000 per year, $5,000 less that the $30,000 per dinner plate fundraiser,” said Nelly Bailey, president of the Harlem Tenants Council and an organizer of Harlem Fight Back Against Wars At Home and Abroad, a new coalition of local groups that says it will protest Obama’s stance on Libya among other things Tuesday night at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard.
Barack Obama’s Harlem Visits Past and Present

“I don’t think people are dancing in the street now because many are homeless, they have been forced out the city and they don’t have jobs,” Bailey said. “Yet he thinks he can go to any black community and get treated like a rock star.”

Security around the Red Rooster is already in full rock star mode, though. Metal barriers and no parking signs stretch along 125th Street from Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard to Second Avenue. Both Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard have security gates from at least West 123rd to West 127th streets.

Traffic around the city is notoriously tight during presidential visits. The NYPD has yet to issue any traffic advisories but Obama is expected to be in the city from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. with scheduled stops at the United Nations and American Museum of Natural History.

Evans-Hendricks said the Harlem fundraiser has all the drama of the Oscars, as celebrity-watchers gather at the barricades to watch who arrives. The list of attendees hasn’t been divulged.

“I’m not going anywhere near 125th and Lenox but folks are going to go because they want to see who is getting out of those limos and who is on the ‘A’ list visiting Harlem,” said Evans-Hendricks.

Bailey said there are serious issues facing Harlem that Obama should be made aware of. She cited Obama’s attention on using military force in Libya when Harlem remains a hub of joblessness.

“Harlem is symbolic for President Obama. There is no other black community that resonates domestically and internationally. But to come to Harlem on the heels of a brutal shock and awe campaign against an African country is one of political expediency,” Bailey said. It is a disrespect and a slap in Harlem’s face.”

Nikoa-Evans said she has no quarrel with protesters, but she said protests outside Tuesday night’s fundraiser could hurt some of the potential long-term benefits.

“We have a legacy to stand on but you want Harlem to be on par with the rest of Manhattan and not treated like step child,” said Nikoa-Evans. “We can’t make Harlem a difficult place for people to visit or host events. Who’s going to want to do anything of this sophistication if there is a protest outside of every event?”


Covered by Fox (video)



Covered by The Indypendent (with a link to a bunch of photos)


Harlem Fightback Against War at Home and Abroad sponsored a demonstration against President Barack Obama March 29 at the Harlem State Office Building. Obama was in town for a $30,000/plate fundraising event. Speakers included City Councilman Charles Barron and Harlem Tenants Council cofounder Nellie Bailey. More pictures of the demonstration here.


Covered in The Gothamist:


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Harlem Fightback against War at Home & Abroad Announces ‘Hold Obama Accountable Anti-war Demonstation’

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“I’ve got to hold myself accountable. I guarantee the American people will hold themselves — will hold me accountable if what I’m selling doesn’t actually deliver”. (President Barack Obama, 1/29/2010 (Republican Retreat, Baltimore, Md.)


Obama Doctrine: Bombing Libya for “Regime Change” & Oil


Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam: “You can’t order him (President Khadafi)  to step down and get out—who do the hell you think you are, that you can talk to a man that built a country over 42 years, and ask him to step down and get out? “ 

Molefikete Asante:The fundamental stimulus of the attack on Libya is greed, not the protection of the Libyan people. In fact, the people of Libya have suffered more during this bombardment by Western powers and their allies than during the entire 41 years of the leadership of Muammar al-Gaddafi.” 

Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel: “Obama is going along with past presidents…[and] at the end of the day we pay the price physically and financially.”

Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report: The imperial coalition partners are not required to declare themselves at war with the people they have just slaughtered.”

Margaret Kimberley (Black Agenda Report: “The United States is in the beginning of a full-fledged intervention and plan to carve up Libya and take its oil.”




Tuesday, March 29, 2011 in Harlem

5 PM – 8 PM

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd/Between 125th & 126th Street

Sponsor: Harlem Fightback against War at Home & Aboard



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